About Us

Wirral Archers are friendly active club, with members of all ages, based in Wallasey. We cater for recurve, compound and longbow archers and are affiliated to Grand National Archery Society, Northern Counties Archery Society and Cheshire Archery Association. However we do not cater for crossbow archers.

During summer, we are able to practice three evenings a week and on Sunday we have a calendar arranged to cover all our trophy shoots . We encourage members to enter away tournaments organised by other clubs and also include various friendly matches with local clubs into our calendar.

During winter we are able to shoot one evening and Sunday morning. We have some indoor trophy shoots and enter Cheshire Archery Association Winter Postal League.

We hold a Record Status Tournament in July.

Club History

The club was formed in 1858 when founder members requested land for practicing archery from the newly created Birkenhead Park committee. These early archers proved to be quite successful, with one of their son's competing at the 1908 Olympics, giving his club as ' Wirral Archers'. We are amongst the oldest clubs in the country and were formed a year before the Grand National Archery Society came into being.


Members of the Wirral Archers photographed in Birkenhead Park in 1907 From the left: John Keyworth, Osmond Alan Keyworth (his son) and Margaret Keyworth (his wife).

During the First World War the lady members kept the club going however, this was not possible during the second World War.

In 1947 the club was revitalised by Colonel Trueman, Messrs Hubert Morris and Tom Howard.

The club has shot at various locations on the Wirral, including Gayton, Thornton Hough, Birkenhead and currently at Reeds Lane in Leasowe.


Our ladies and gentleman's recurve champion brooches date from the earliest years of the club. Both are large silver target brooches, with tiny engraved shields attached. The earliest ladies shield is dated 1862 and the gents is dated 1866.


The animal round trophy, dated 1874, was returned to us some years ago. A gentleman contacted the then secretary, explaining that he had found a parcel wrapped in newspaper containing a small silver tray inscribed with Wirral Archers with four silver egg cups and indents for four eggs.

Unfortunately he had no knowledge of how it came to be in his family.

Similarly a crystal bowl with engraved silver rim was returned to us recently, it had been presented to someone during our 100th anniversary year in 1958.

The Chairman's Horn, a large horn mounted on a stand, banded in silver is dated 1949. It is engraved with the names of past Chairmen. At our annual presentation evening, this is filled with mead and passed around everyone, so that they may toast the club. By tradition, the Chairman must finish any mead left in the horn.

Two smaller horns, also dated 1949, and embellished with engraved small silver shields go to the ladies and gents recurve club champion runners-up.